About Us

Privacy is one key thing when it comes to escorts. The fact that our escorts are always willing to come to your place of residence make it less strenuous for you. Here, we will connect you to the best, top of the class independent escorts in Las Vegas. By independent, we mean escorts who are of great repute but are not attached to agency and as soon as we connect you to them, we exit the picture and leave you to negotiate. If you are not so outgoing and you feel that you need someone who will make you feel relaxed from the comfort of your home, VegasIndependents is ideal for you.

Why pick from our site?

  • We have a high notoriety to keep up, in this way we must give our customers the best service;
  • We have been in this industry for a long time and we realize what customers like even before they request it;
  • Your wish is our order. You say it and it is finished;
  • What you see is the thing that you get. The photos of the escorts that you will discover on our site are genuine, unaltered and that is precisely what you will get, all things consider.